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What’s the Best Curling Wand?

Hair maintenance is a vital part of any beauty regime and we all know curls never go out of fashion, but with so many products on the market it can be difficult to know what does what, and what the benefits of each are.

Curling wands are a great way of adding curls to straight hair or enhancing natural waves and curls as the heat helps to set the style, particularly for those with straighter hair. As with any heated tool, it is vital to use only on dry hair and ideally with a heat-protective spray to avoid excessive damage. Curling wands, such as the Tresemme volume curl wand, create soft spirals and by using tapered wands it is possible to vary the size of the curls for a very natural look. The resulting ringlets of hair can be left as they are for bold curls or loosened with the fingertips for a more tousled appearance.

Flat irons are another popular choice for those seeking a heated hair appliance, and as many come with a clasp on the barrel it can be easier to wind hair around an iron than a wand. Some also have interchangeable heads that can be handy for those seeking to create a number of different styles with their curling device. Remember to only use flat irons on dry hair and preferably with a heat-protective product. Again, once curled, the hair can be gently teased with the fingertips if a looser look is desired.

There are a wide variety of hair rollers on the market to meet every curling requirement, from creating tight curls to simply adding body. The choices include hot rollers that are great for quick results, Velcro and foam rollers. With hot rollers, make sure to only use on dry hair and use a protective spray for minimal damage. Other types of rollers can be used either on wet or dry hair, so be sure to read the instructions. Allow plenty of time if using wet rollers as these require the hair to dry before removal, which can take a while. It can be helpful to use a setting product and ‘volumising’ spray with rollers. Try dry rollers the day after washing hair for a better result. Another tip for rollers is to avoid using conditioner if hair tends to be resistant to curling. This means the rollers will be able to get a firmer grip.

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