Unsecured Personal Loans Vs Secured Personal Loans

Unsecured Personal Loans

Unsecured personal loan are the types of personal loans that involves the absence of a collateral. The collateral refers to the assets that are used by debtors to secure their repayment obligations to the lenders. These types of personal loans, in the debtor’s point of view, are considered to be less risky since the debtors don’t need to put the ownership of their assets on the line. In the lender’s point of view, however, unsecured personal loans in Singapore are considered to be more risky since there are no collateral that will be given to the lenders in case of defaults. Due to the absence of a collateral, the lenders are very particular with the approval of unsecured personal loan applications. Because they base their decisions mostly on the financial capability and the credit rating of the applicants, the lenders usually prefer applicants with better credit ratings.

Secured Personal Loans

The opposite of unsecured personal loans are secured personal loans. Secured personal loans are the types of personal loans that involve the use of an asset as a collateral to secure the loan. The asset pledged by the debtors can be in the form of a house, a car, a property, or a boat. If the debtors fail to follow the agreed upon terms and conditions by both parties regarding the loan repayment, the ownership of the pledge asset will be shifted from the debtors to the lenders. This type of personal loan is considered more risky for the debtor since there is a possibility that he will lose his property. Because he will get his money back either in cold cash or in assets, a secured personal loan is less risky for the lender. The interest rates in secured personal loans are also relatively low as compared to unsecured personal loans.

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