Steam games and discounts

Steam sales or offers are made in several periods a year and are times when you can find your favorite titles with discounts ranging from 5% to 90% in which you can buy great titles at really striking prices.

Within these offers you will have titles that will be discounted throughout the period, but other games will only be for 24 hours so, if you have found the game you were looking for on sale, do not hesitate to purchase it. If you miss the sale and the price is too high for you there are other ways to get Steam games for free as well as explained on http://www.gonooo.com/steam-code-generator/.

Not only does content exist for Windows, Steam has numerous titles for Mac OS and Linux, which have been very well adapted to being platforms. The download of Steam for Linux and Mac is the same as in Windows and the operation is identical.

Steam has not only limited to offering software content as far as games are concerned, it has also been able to launch several gaming devices such as:

  • Steam Link: a device capable of streaming between your PC and another device with little delay.
  • Steam Controller: a control with a touch joystick with which you can move the mouse cursor with your fingers.
  • Steam Machines: a novelty that is between consoles and a PC, with which you can play more than 1,000 native Steam games, also accompanied by the Steam Controller.
  • Steam VR or HTC Vive: the popular virtual reality glasses have also come to Steam and also to stay, since more and more developers are more aware to create titles suitable for virtual reality.

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