Online News Growth

The growth of online news

Worldwide, nearly 34% of news readers get their news online today. This is a 15 % growth from the number of users in 2002. With smartphones and tablets easily available, demand for online news is only set to grow in the coming years. These projections have pushed news organizations to developed user-friendly web and mobile solutions for accessing news online. Though news organizations still get most of their revenues from traditional print or electronic subscribers, the writing on the wall is clear; that the online wave will soon sweep news rooms and media houses have to gear up for change.

High expectations

The news seeker is highly selective as he desires to read what evokes his interest. The question of relevance and topicality are inducing factors for any news story. Online portals categorize latest information as breaking news stories, business, entertainment, politics, arts, culture and stories of national interest based on subscribers demand for easy access. News sites may seem intimidating to the first-time user but by making access easy the user can quickly be put at ease.

Finding latest news from Arts

The same goes for Arts. There are a lot of Art news portals now on the internet and these portals are very informative and up to date. You would be shocked as how many new things are happening in the Arts world. The Art Insider is one the leading Art news portals on the internet. Covering topics from arts and culture around the globe they will always provide quality and latest news from the world of arts and museums.

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