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How to Create a Promotional Marketing Video Plan

Keep it short – because people’s attention spans are short! Promotional marketing videos should be no less than 30 seconds and no more than 10 minutes in length. The preferred length will depend on how and where your promotional marketing video will be used. If being used for a TV ad, even 30 seconds may be too long. If being used as a product demonstration video then 10 minutes may be okay. When you have finished your promotional marketing video, always ask the question, “Can I shorten this and / or make it more focussed?”

Create a Video Script

Writing a video script has several advantages. It keeps you focused, and presents things in the correct order. Also, nothing kills a promotional marketing video like “ums and ahs” – having a script helps avoid this. By narrating out loud while considering the visual aspects helps get the timing and integration of visual and audio elements right.

Get a decent video camera and a tripod

Either invest in proper equipment or hire professionals who already have it. If you have neither the equipment or the skills, hiring a professional Promotional Marketing Video Company may be the smarter option and it is affordable these days, you can check the promotional video cost online. Consider background and lighting too – make sure your location is nice and clean and there is no background clutter. Try to film during the day when there is some natural light because flourescent lighting is horrible; bad lighting is one of the most common mistakes non-professionals make.

Voiceovers and Sound Effects

Voiceover can be critical; a great voice can save a poor video, just as a lousy voice can destroy a video that good in all other respects. Also, consider carefully the sound effects you want to use. Used sparingly, they can enhance your promotional marketing video; overdone they become irritating.

Visual Transitions

Similar to sound effects; give your visual transitions plenty of thought and use sparingly.

Fill The Frame

Don’t film the work from 50 feet away – keep it tight and focussed.

Contact Info

Don’t forget to add all of your contact information at the end of your promotional marketing video; once you have got their attention, they need to be able to get in touch. Add different types of contact. Many people prefer talking personally on the phone – but remember that you may have a global audience – on a different time zone – so email and fax are essential.

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