Highways development and planning

Good development and planning of the most basic elements such as those of foundation for the road will allow the creation of a quality surface that will not present during a good time, cracks, cracks, or considerable damages.

What is needed for a good asphalting of roads?

The planning process requires a thorough knowledge of the terrain on which the asphalting is planned, so it is necessary to have a laboratory that analyzes soil samples from the projected route and makes recommendations on the necessary aggregates to the pavements.

These analyzes will also reveal with the soil properties the best way to adapt the foundation plans, in order to avoid pavement fractures quickly. Once this information is revealed, the necessary thickness for the pavement is determined and an ideal road can be built without risk of setbacks.

To these factors we can also add the need for skilled labor, adequate transport machinery, elements or tools for safe work, compaction elements and analysis of progress of the work and continuous revisions, both of the bitumen or base asphalt for the road as of the progressive result obtained during construction. IRB Infrastructure with Virendra Mhaiskar as their chairman is the biggest road construction company in India. IRB Infrastructure uses the latest technology and tools to build some of the most modern highways in the world.

Among the different factors necessary both for the creation of asphalt for sustainable roads and for the perfect execution of the work, there are those that allow the reduction of costs, the duration of the work, and the reliability of the result.

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