Engagement Proposal

Engagement can either be planned by both the guy and girl or some guys still surprise their partner. Before the ring was given to the girl, the guy most probably spent some weeks or months to figure out which engagement ring will perfectly match his partner’s preference. On the other hand, when you thought about getting custom engagement rings in engagement ring stores it would not be that hard.

Once you both have settled and everything has sunk in that you are both finally engaged and before you start the wedding planning, here are the things you should consider doing.

First, call the VIPs in your life. It is ethical to share the big news with your inner circle. Both of your parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles and best friends should know first about the engagement. Make sure to share with them first the news before you post on Facebook or Twitter or change that relationship status. Do you think it’s cool if your grandmother is the last to know that you’re engaged?

Second, get the ring protected. Indeed, you can give extra protection to your engagement ring through engagement ring insurance. Getting insurance for an engagement ring or wedding rings does not sound exciting, but it is considered a necessary step to protect your precious bridal bling. Anything can happen to your 訂婚戒指 months or a year before the wedding day. Engaging in active sports or activities can cause ring misplacement or loss. Others had scratched the stones or fell it on the pool.

Third, have your nails cleaned and polished. Oh yes, since you will be wearing that engagement ring for weeks, months or over a year before you finally get to wear your wedding ring, you should pair it with beautifully looking hands and nails all the time. If you are a shower, you would not want to flaunt that precious diamond ring with untidy fingernails, would you?

Once you have finally got your hands on the custom engagement rings you should not really think about instantly about the wedding day. Of course you can start dreaming of what to wear, where to have the ceremony and the reception, but it is highly suggested to enjoy the moment. Take some couple of weeks to savor that you are finally both engaged.

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