Ecommerce Basics

Any kind of commerce is selling goods or services, and ecommerce is doing it online. Lots of people make crafts and sell them on the net, and yes, they are ecommerce merchants due to what they’re doing. It should go without saying, then, that the field is a crowded and competitive one. So in this article we have some handy and doable tips to get you started off with your ecommerce site.

One thing you can notice about many ecommerce sites is they are slow, and this is to be avoided by doing proper optimization of your site.

E-commerce sites tend to be heavy on the graphics which are well known for slowing down a site. It’s a very good idea to check out your entire ecommerce site for loading speeds, and then you can just fix those pages that need it. This is about investing in your business, and your lifetime ROI will be impossible to calculate.

Test out your site with and without a header graphic and see which works better – testing is the only way to find out about this. That’s fine, but you also have to make sure that it communicates the intent of your site effectively.

It’s actually not hard to make a nice header, so it is just up to you about what you want to do. Once you have that done, then you won’t have to worry about it again unless you decide to change it.

You know there’s more to selling than just serving up some images with products. You’ll make higher conversions when your products have some good pre-sell copy with them.

The power of copywriting is well known, so you will do it or hire it out to someone who knows what to do. One thing you can do is hire a copywriter you can afford, and this will work out all right. Yes, this has the potential to be expensive, but it is an expense that is well worth it.

Not all web businesses are ecommerce because there’s CPA and others, but ecommerce is powerful. The really cool part about this is you’ll learn a lot, and then you can just make more sites and money.

If you can make money from your passion, then by all means you should do it because that is the best way to go. As you know, there is so much more about ecommerce, for example do you know what is PIM? Or have you heard about DAM? So continue learning at a pace that works best for you.

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