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DVD Duplication

A DVD holds far more data than a CD and has become the medium of choice for movies and video games. This has led to an explosion in DVD cd duplication in the USA. As with CD this method is ideal for small quantities or quick turnaround.

DVDs are now so popular that in just a few years they have almost completely replaced VHS video. As with CD duplication, DVD duplication is widespread, allowing people to share movies, presentations, and large quantities of data in a convenient digital format. There are a lot of professional DVD duplication services to choose from online if you need duplication done professionally.

DVD Replication

DVD replication has one major advantage over duplication: replicated DVDs are universally compatible and will work in any DVD player and DVD-ROM drive.

DVD replication begins with the creation of a glass master in a smoke and dust-free room. The ultra-clean environment is critical, because any particle can impair the quality of the master. Once the master is made, it can be handled normally and particles will no longer affect the copies it produces.

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