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    Hamster feeding

    We all know that feeding hamsters is one of the most important thing you have to do day by day. Also hamsters like to eat and it’s a little bit a problem because you might overfeed them. To keep you hamster healthy you need to give him different kind of foods.

    Hamsters food

    First of all, you only can give fresh food to your hamster like vegetables and fruits. The main question is what fruits and vegetables you can give a hamster, there are many choices like sweet small blueberries as written in this article on Petsium.com.

    There are two ideas when you can feed your little hamster. In the morning – Results show that hamsters don’t sleep all day long. They wake up and look something to eat. In the evening – when they are awake.

    What food to give?

    Hamsters know what they need. Depending on the size of the food dish, there should be an ample supply of mixed grains. Your pets just instinctively know what grains or seeds to eat.

    Milk: We know that cats drink milk but does the hamsters? Yes they do.

    Although if you give them a milk make sure it’s fresh and you probably need to remove it soon.

    Mixed bird seeds: Another good idea to give your pets once a week.

    Meat: Not too much or your pets might turn into cannibals.

    Eggs: One of the best things to give your dwarf when she is pregnant. Hamsters love hard-boiled eggs. Also they are high in protein.

    Yeast: It’s full of vitamin B which acts on the nervous system and is extremely good in reducing stress. Feeding yeast once a week could very well be one of the greatest preventative measures for many illnesses.

    Balanced hamster diet

    A balanced diet for your pet provides all the good stuff. Primary items of a balanced diet are: 1. Vitamins – Only small amount in a week. 2. Protein – Extremely necessary for pregnant hamsters. They can find proteins in corn, 3. Minerals 4. Water

    So if you follow those steps your hamster stays healthy and happy!