Buying Loose Cut Diamonds – Tips

Most of us are fond of diamonds but because of its high retail price, so, we may not afford a solitaire. In such a situation, you can always go for loose cut diamonds which are available at a relatively cheaper rate in the market. These diamonds are cut and polished but are not placed in any particular settings. Because of this, you have to first select the diamond, check its quality and then judge whether it is a good value for money. There are certain things you need to keep in mind before buying loose cut diamonds.

Keep aside a budget for diamond purchase

It is very important to have a budget in mind before you shop for diamond. Loose cut diamonds are available at various price points based on their cut, size, and clarity. Have an estimate on how much you can spend on the jewelry purchase. and Now you can shop for the diamond that falls under your desired price range, thereby narrowing down your search. It would also save a lot of time.

Check the clarity

The clearer the loose cut diamond, the better is its quality. This refers to the various types of defects that are found in loose diamonds owing to the carbon that is infused in the stone. It is difficult to examine 鑽石淨度 as these imperfections are not visible with your naked eyes. You have to check them under a microscope. You should therefore directly ask the jewelers to point out these defects. As far as you, as a customer is concerned, you need to check out whether the loose cut diamond jewelry you are planning to buy is colorless.

Determine the cut

The brilliance of a diamond depends on its cut or to explain simply, on the shape you select. The diamond has to be perfectly cut that a triangular facet and also a flat top, and choosing the right diamond is extremely important. A very long or very short cut diamond will never give the same brilliance. Step cut diamonds are also considered to be very popular.

Focus on the color

It is important to examine the color of the loose cut diamond. Although you will come across a variety of colors while shopping for diamond, the best is the transparent non-colored diamond. If it is white, you can mount the stone in platinum.

Buying a cut diamond can be a great investment for your future. By keeping in mind some of this information, you can find it much easier to shop for loose cut diamond which you can mount in a variety of settings.

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