Biodegradable Urns and the Environment

With the consequence of global warming, people have started looking after their environment more seriously. With this in mind, people have also started keeping an eye on funeral services.

Honoring the dead is a practice that is followed in each religion, culture and part of the world. If any of this process involves being environmentally friendly, then biodegradable urns could be considered. A biodegradable urn can be used when one wants to make sure that the burial place does not harm the earth. Infact these urns could also give nutrients and minerals back to the soil.

These urns are prepared from environment friendly resources and have an ability of roughly 220 to 400 cubic inches displacement. If one thinks that the only advantage of these urns is the environment friendliness, then the beauty of these urns could surprise one. People are of the opinion that since these urns are not made of marbles and granite like traditional burial urns, they could not look as beautiful. Although these urns are made of the bark of a tree and recycled products, artists work hard to get these urns to look as good as the others available in the market. These urns contain no metal parts and the only plastic used is an EPA approved biodegradable plastic bag. Interestingly, the glue used in the urns is biodegradable as well.

Biodegradable urns come in all forms of sizes, colors and shapes. One can also choose from paper based products that are primarily found in vases and pillows. A few of the shapes that these urns come in are that of hearts, sea shells and tubes. If one is looking at something that is simple yet beautiful in design, then biodegradable urns are the one.

There are a few types of biodegradable urns and one of them is the burial urn. Made of a paper like material, one can embed seeds in to the paper which makes a new plant grow as the urn breaks down. Another type of urn is the scattering urn which scatters the ashes by having a pre-perforated hole opened at the top of the urn. The conventional looking urn is made of cornstarch and could also be painted using water based colors.

The deep water urn is meant to be used in sea or river. These urns initially float on the water and once water seeps in, they sink and break down in a couple of days. A well known water urn is made of Himalayan rock salt.

Biodegradable urns are considered to be much cheaper than the conventional urns that are made of stone, marble and metal. There are times when a death in a family could happen at the time of a financial crisis. Since these urns are valued rationally, it would avoid a family from spending lots of money on a funeral service.

Irrespective of the resting place of the deceased being the soil or water, using a biodegradable urn brings a lot of deference and trustworthiness to the occasion.

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