Amazon tours

Accommodation on amazon tours varies from camping to typical jungle lodges, to what are essentially comfortable hotels located in the rainforest. Clearly you may need to travel further from the larger more developed lodges for better wildlife sightings.

Jungle lodges vary in style and comfort, although a typical lodge will likely be partially open to the jungle, have only cold water and either restricted hours for electricity or none at all, with lighting usually coming from oil lamps and candles. Whilst often simple and rustic, jungle lodges offer an excellent experience for amazon travel and often the best wildlife spotting opportunities in Peru jungle tours.

From your lodge you can expect to take 2 or 3 excursions per day to spot wildlife. These may be on foot or by water and even taken at night. You can expect early morning starts for amazon tours, as just after dawn is one of the best times to see wildlife whilst at their most active.

As mentioned earlier there are some jungle lodges in certain areas with hot water and electricity and even some hotels used on amazon tours which may even have electrical sockets and air-conditioning.

Another option for amazon travel offered in Peru, Brazil and Ecuador is to take an amazon cruise. This option tends to be significantly more expensive but amazon cruises are generally very comfortable. An amazon cruise boat will act as accommodation, bar, restaurant and the principal means of transport. Excursions would be taken either on foot or by smaller canoes or boats to spot wildlife.

An amazon cruise may be upon the mighty Amazon River itself or one of the many other rivers that are to be found in the rainforest. The Amazon River is 6,400km in length and is the world’s largest river by volume spilling around 200,000 cubic meters of water each second into the ocean during wet season.

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