Amazon River Cruise Basics

When your cruise destination will be the Amazon river – which flows over 8 different countries and has a large basin being twice the size of India – an experienced tour will provide many appealing advantages. Traveling this great river as well as its tributaries will demand expertise, and experienced guidance is essential for most tourists. Most organized trips will be led by professional guides who narrate about the ecology and history of the river or jungle for enhancing the adventure.


The Amazon River and its tributaries will flow over eight different countries. From its source in Peru, this river will flow through a Brazilian rainforest and will empty in the Atlantic Ocean on the north-west side of Brazilian coastline. Most of its major tributaries will manage to reach Colombia, Guyana, Venezuela or Ecuador, and a lot of Amazon tours will include various explorations of these particular waters. Depending of the style and duration of the tour, a cruise tour along the Amazon River could only cover one country or several. For instance, Audubon Nature Odysseys will provide a sixteen-day tour of the Amazon, Suriname, Demerara or Guyana rivers which will start in Belem, sails through Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana before finishing in Trinidad. Amazon River cruise tours will usually start in one of the largest riverfront cities: in Brazil, Belem or Manaus, and in Peru, Iquitos. Some cruise tour packages will include various transfers by air or road from any of the major hubs such as Rio de Janeiro or Lima.

Tour Companies

Every Amazon tour will showcase the jungle and its wildlife, but professional tour companies, such as Peru Amazon Tours, will make particular focus and offer educational fun activities pertaining various Amazonian species as well. Adventure cruise tour companies will provide action-packed routes which will include rainforest hikes, camping or canoeing in the jungle, for instance. Some cruise tours will be focusing on taking pictures, other ones on Amazonian inhabitants or their culture. Some cruise tours may also include accommodations and sightseeing of various major cities to supplement the river cruise tours.


Over a third of the species around the world are living in the Brazilian Amazon, and the river`s wildlife is without a doubt an important draw for most travelers, according to the World Bank. Various Amazon river dolphins are likely sight. Distinct in their appearance from the usual type of dolphins, the females are generally gray and the males will come with shades of pink. While various interesting species will usually remain elusive to the traveler`s eye within the dense rainforest, colorful toucans, howler monkeys or macaws will always loudly announce their presence around you.

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