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    How to Create a Promotional Marketing Video Plan

    Keep it short – because people’s attention spans are short! Promotional marketing videos should be no less than 30 seconds and no more than 10 minutes in length. The preferred length will depend on how and where your promotional marketing video will be used. If being used for a TV ad, even 30 seconds may be too long. If being used as a product demonstration video then 10 minutes may be okay. When you have finished your promotional marketing video, always ask the question, “Can I shorten this and / or make it more focussed?”

    Create a Video Script

    Writing a video script has several advantages. It keeps you focused, and presents things in the correct order. Also, nothing kills a promotional marketing video like “ums and ahs” – having a script helps avoid this. By narrating out loud while considering the visual aspects helps get the timing and integration of visual and audio elements right.

    Get a decent video camera and a tripod

    Either invest in proper equipment or hire professionals who already have it. If you have neither the equipment or the skills, hiring a professional Promotional Marketing Video Company may be the smarter option and it is affordable these days, you can check the promotional video cost online. Consider background and lighting too – make sure your location is nice and clean and there is no background clutter. Try to film during the day when there is some natural light because flourescent lighting is horrible; bad lighting is one of the most common mistakes non-professionals make.

    Voiceovers and Sound Effects

    Voiceover can be critical; a great voice can save a poor video, just as a lousy voice can destroy a video that good in all other respects. Also, consider carefully the sound effects you want to use. Used sparingly, they can enhance your promotional marketing video; overdone they become irritating.

    Visual Transitions

    Similar to sound effects; give your visual transitions plenty of thought and use sparingly.

    Fill The Frame

    Don’t film the work from 50 feet away – keep it tight and focussed.

    Contact Info

    Don’t forget to add all of your contact information at the end of your promotional marketing video; once you have got their attention, they need to be able to get in touch. Add different types of contact. Many people prefer talking personally on the phone – but remember that you may have a global audience – on a different time zone – so email and fax are essential.

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    Renault Kangoo Maxi Z.E for The Pope

    Renault do the extraordinary to say, because it helps an organization in the world. Yes it is true Renault presents a van Renault Kangoo Maxi Z.E for Pope Benedict XVI in Castel Gendalfo, Rome, Wednesday (5/9). Renault also gave an electric vehicle for the Corps of Gendarmerie Vatican City. Things rarely done by other automakers. This is done to support all the activities that will be conducted by the Pope, or by the Corps of Gendarmerie. At least we know that the activities undertaken by the Pope and his followers, is a religious activity, followed by thousands of people, both located near the Pope or his followers from other countries.

    Renault Kangoo Maxi Z.E electric van is designed and built specifically to meet the mobility needs of the Pope as you can read from https://mediautama.live/. Maxi ZE is directly submitted by Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of Renault Group. The delivery was also attended several other important people, including several officials from other Renault.

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    Export And Import Of Goods With A Freight Forwarding Service

    Air freight offers a number of key advantages over standard shipping, the most important of which is in the shorter timeframe taken to transport goods by air. The standard timescale for air freight transport is 3 days, as opposed to over a week by ship. For time sensitive cargoes, and when speed offers a key advantage, air freight is well worth the additional cost.

    The transportation of fresh goods illustrates the need for quick transportation. The time taken to get fresh produce from the farms to a transport depot may only be 1-2 days. A delay of up to a week for shipping would result in a very limited lifespan for the produce by the time it reaches the shops. Any longer lasting product will run the risk of spoiling or being contaminated during a long sea voyage, due to exposure to corrosive salty air. Transportation delays can run into millions of dollars worth of lost productivity, when workers are dependent on parts and are unable to complete key procedures in assembly lines.

    As has recently been highlighted by the modern day pirates off of the coast of Somalia, shipping is not without its risks, and cargo can be seized, heavily delayed, or even lost at sea. Air freight companies offer freight shipping services using largo cargo planes operating a hub and spoke air cargo transportation system, with massive central terminals for the redistribution of freight to the major transportation hubs around the world. This leads to efficient operation of transport routes and easy movement of goods between countries.

    Rising fuel costs, additional stricter airport security measures, and higher airport taxes have lead to some air freight companies increasing air transportation costs to what some consider prohibitive levels. Whilst the increases in flight costs have risen, suggestions have been made of profiteering by large companies, although this is always strongly refuted. There are many international transportation companies on the market offering transportation on their own cargo planes, or using a combination of sub contracted carriers in a colossal 215 billion dollar a year industry.

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    What is a Good Diet for Weight Lifting?

    When training with weights, even if you are not trying to become the next Mr. Universe you still have to eat correctly in order to get the maximum benefit from your workouts. It is assumed that the reason why you are training with weights is to increase your muscle size as well as your fitness.

    Whether you are using weight training for fitness or to specifically gain as much muscle as you can you are more than likely very aware of the fact that any muscle and/or fitness you achieve will not last. They say that you are only as good as your last workout.

    But what this means is that your gains, whatever they might be, increased fitness or increased muscle gain is not going to last for more than a few weeks without you training again. But you will certainly not get any results if you do not eat correctly.

    Eating correctly is not as complicated as it might sound. You can specifically workout exactly how many calories you need with a simple formula. But more important than the calories, are the quality of these calories as well as the timing of these calories.

    In order to get your muscle repaired you need to eat good quality protein with not a lot of fat on it. But protein does not only mean chicken, turkey, fish or meat. You can get very good vegetable proteins like lentils, spinach and many others.

    But you surely will also want to take advantage of the benefit of your exercise speeding up your metabolism by eating when your body needs it. If you are able to eat five or six times a day then you will be helping your body to stop storing fat and detoxify yourself in the process.

    Your body needs clean burning energy in order to get itself repaired from the hard workouts that you put it through. If you only eat one large meal a day your body starts to realize that your nutrients to keep itself going are only coming once a day and it slows your metabolism down in order to survive and you can read more about it from Här.

    The reverse is true as you can convince your body that there is plenty food around by eating every few hours throughout the day. Your body starts to realize that it does not need to hold onto any storage because there are always nutrients or fuel coming into the tank whenever it is needed.

    You can aid this whole process a great deal by drinking lots of water. The minimum of water should be at least 8 glasses a day in order to stay healthy. Avoid any and all fried foods and you will be eating correctly it is as simple as that.

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    Online news sites benefits

    Online news sites are also affordable news sources. They are cheaper than all other alternatives available for getting access to daily news. By simply paying fixed amount for internet usage, you can get access to large number of online newspapers.

    Most of the online news sites like https://mediautama.live/ are available for free to read. You can read as many newspapers you want and will be paying much less if you will be subscribing for printed versions of all of them.
    Online news portals are easily accessible everywhere. It means they can reach even remote areas. Such accessibility is making them popular among population living in remote areas.

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    Why Electric Bikes or Scooters?

    Maybe you have already heard of Electric Cars. Well now the latest craze in terms of two-wheeled vehicles are Electric Bikes and Scooters. Electric Bikes are now scattered and flourished in many different parts the world today.

    Help The Environment and Save Money By Riding Electric Bikes and Scooters

    If you are looking to buy an e-scooter, it is best to start your search online reading the reviews about different scooters from websites like https://xn--bstaelcykeln-gcb.nu/el-scooter/, where you can find numerous e-scooters reviewed in details. A lot of people have tried these kinds of two-wheeled vehicles and they have come up with the best reasons why it’s becoming very popular to ride Electric scooters.

    So why choose Electric bikes anyway?

    Get Anywhere, the faster! The moment you have purchased an electric bike, you already get the opportunity to make use of it immediately. This means you will no longer have to register the bike anymore as it is considered as a common or traditional bike. And since registration isn’t needed anymore.

    No Petrol, No Emissions Since these bikes do not make use of gasoline, this gives you the privilege to save on high fuel costs. This also gives you the opportunity to save on emissions.

    No License Required Since e-bikes are considered equally similar to traditional scooters, they can function in the streets without the worries of being caught of violations. Electric bikes need not to be registered and getting a license isn’t required anymore.

    Battery Capacity E-bikes allow you to go as far as 70 kilometers depending on the kind of terrain where you are passing through and the kind of riding style you have.

    When You Buy an E-bike you the option to use it immediately.

    E-bikes are water-proof so you never have to worry on electronic components getting damaged